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Green Burial Funeral Service Package

To help with making your decision on a Green Burial Service we have included a breakdown of our price list for you. If you have any questions about our Green Burials or our pricing guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Service Charges

Basic Consultation $330.00
Documentation $650.00
Coordinating $440.00
Transfer from Place of Death $110.00
Transfer to Cemetery/Crematory $110.00
Basic Preparation $170.00
Embalming $0.00
Staff Services for Visitation $0.00
Staff Services for Ceremony $120.00
Remote Set-Up $0.00
Sub-Total For Services $1,930.00

Facility Charges

Basic Facilities $0.00
Facilities for Preparation/Embalming/Shelter $275.00
Facilities for Visitation $0.00
Facilities for Ceremony $0.00
Sub-Total for Facilities $270.00

Vehicle Charges

Transfer Van $115.00
General Duties Vehicle $0.00
Funeral Hearse $0.00
Sub-Total for Vehicles $115.00

Green Burial Funeral Service Package Total - $2,320.00 + HST

The Green Burial Funeral Service Package price does not include the cemetery charges. Those charges would come from Cobourg Union Cemetery directly.

Possible Additional Charges

Each Additional Car $100.00
Cemetery Equipment when a Vault is not selected $275.00
Reception Facilities following Service $550.00
Reception Host/Hostess (X2 if self-catering) $110.00
Ceremony Stationery $275.00
Green Funerals
Environmental Embalming
  • Environmental embalming or no embalming
  • Specially designed eco-friendly fluids
  • Bio-degradable preservatives
  • No formaldehydes or other toxins used
Environmental Caskets & Containers
  • Canadian made, simple environmental casket
  • Non-toxic finishes, no plastics and limited metals
  • Easily degradable
Environmental Cemetery
  • Special green section of the cemetery will be kept natural
  • Group monuments or vegetation planted as markers
  • Only non-embalmed or environmentally embalmed
  • No lawn maintenance
  • No cremations
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