Download 2024 Funeral Price List

Price List

This price list is designed to help you understand the wide variety of options available to you with respect to funeral arrangements, as well as the costs associated with each option. The list is divided into the following sections

Services, Facilities and Vehicles

All the services provided, facilities available and vehicles used are outlined in these sections. In addition to the price, this section includes a detailed description of the services, facilities and vehicles we offer.

Additional Services or Supplies

This section discusses additional services and/or supplies that might apply to the ceremony type selected. The additions may include such items as pacemaker removal, storage fees, ceremony stationery, cemetery equipment and reception facilities. In regards to the reception facilities we offer for receptions following ceremonies, the maximum number we are able to accommodate being 150 people. Also certain scheduling restrictions may apply. We are pleased to make arrangements with a caterer for you.

Cash Disbursements

You may wish to have us arrange for goods and services in addition to those which we provide. Such items, paid for by us on your behalf, would appear on our account as cash disbursements. This section provides a list of some of the items we are frequently called upon to obtain. The prices associated with these items vary considerably, however where possible the price or range of prices is indicated.

Caskets, Containers, Vaults and Urns

This section includes a description and the price of each casket, container, urn and vault we offer.

Ceremony Types

We are called upon to arrange many different types of services. The 16 different types we most frequently provide are identified in this section. If, however, the type of service that would best suit your wishes or the wishes of your family is not listed, we are able to customize the funeral arrangements to suit your requirements. Please feel free to contact one of our funeral directors if you wish to discuss any of the arrangements in greater detail.

Effective Date

The prices set out in this list are in effect until further notice.


All of the prices listed are exclusive of any applicable provincial or federal taxes.


All caskets, containers, urns and vaults listed are subject to availability.