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Diana Sherwin

Turner & Porter Yorke Chapel
2357 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, Ontario
Friday, September 9, 2022
4:00 - 7:00 PM


Runnymede United Church,
432 Runnymede Road,
Toronto, Ontario
Saturday, September 10, 2022
11:00 AM

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Diana Sherwin

November 15, 1949 - August 31, 2022

Diana Jean Sherwin was born in Cobourg, ON, the eldest daughter of Marion (née Deviney) and Gordon Sherwin. She is survived by her beloved husband, Rudy Hogeveen, and daughters, Esmé and Simone Hogeveen, as well as dear siblings, Elizabeth Sherwin (Bruce Trotter) and Jay Sherwin (Jane Montgomery).

Diana enjoyed returning to her family home in Northumberland County all her life, especially appreciating the area’s rolling hills and bucolic views. She loved walking in the woods and along the creek behind her parents’ house in Baltimore, swimming at Wicklow Beach on Lake Ontario, and having an old fashioned lunch at the Dutch Oven or attending any number of strawberry socials or roast beef dinners that her father, Gordon, kept the family well informed of. While Gordon was still alive, he and Diana would often go for long, meandering drives—father and daughter sharing a love of unmaintained backroads and attendant views of picturesque farms and changing foliage. (At times, their excitement exceeded the technical capabilities of Gord’s well-seasoned Buick, prompting acquaintanceships with local tow truck companies.)

Though she loved her home, Diana had an adventurous spirit that led her to live in Peterborough, Kingston, London, Ottawa, Banff, Edmonton, and Calgary before eventually landing in Toronto in 1980 after achieving a Bachelor’s in Geography (Trent University), a Bachelor’s of Education (Queen’s University), and a Master’s of Library and Information Science (Western University). Introduced by a close friend and future sister-in-law, Eunice Hogeveen, Diana and Rudy were married in 1985. Together, Diana and Rudy enjoyed lively celebrations with both of their extended families, skiing, camping, and eventually having their own family. A former researcher and librarian, Diana chose to stay home to raise her daughters, instilling in them strong loves of long walks, live music, voracious reading, people watching (if possible, over a latte!), and travelling within Ontario, the Maritimes, and the UK.

Speaking with some of Diana’s cherished friends, it’s become clear that a major throughline of her life has been close friendships. Even when the ALS progression led to her inability to speak, she would text and email her buddies almost every day, sharing jokes, updates, and ever-thoughtful expressions of care. A self-identified “rural and urban” person, Diana delighted in long country and city walks, and found joy in discovering new locales to hear classical and fiddle tunes. In her health, she aimed to attend one concert per week and had a near perfect track record. There are too many anecdotes and lovable (and, at times, comic!) details to share, but we must also mention her culinary prowess. Even when her illness meant she couldn’t enjoy her own cooking, Diana continued to bake her famous apple pies and chocolate birthday cakes for her highly appreciative family. We will miss her intuitive sensibilities, original sense of style, and capacities for great depth, familial care, and a mischievous wink very much.

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Diane Hare - September 25, 2022

My deepest sympathies to Elizabeth, Jay and Hogeveen families upon the loss of Diana. Thank you for sharing fond memories of her and her family. Growing up as almost neighbours, the Sherwin family have always been an admirable part of the Baltimore community.

Rural Faith United Church - September 23, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Canadian Cancer Society

Jim and Jeanette Puddy - September 10, 2022

So sad to hear the passing of Diana ! I will never forget Her! She always had the nicest smile and so enjoyable to talk to! Loved going to your house Elizabeth and Jay as a child Take care of each other and family love you Jeanette and Jim xoxo

Bonnie Sheridan - September 10, 2022

Our deepest sympathy to the Hogeveen and Sherwin families for the loss of a much loved Diana. Ray & Bonnie

Roslyn and Rob Smart - September 10, 2022

Rudy, Esme, Simone, Jay, Liz and families: We are so sorry to hear of Diana's passing. Words are so inadequate, but please know that you are in our thoughts. Your tribute to her was lovely, and she will be missed. I too remember some of Gord's travels out our way. Roslyn and Rob

Linda Stephen - September 10, 2022

Rudy, Elizabeth, Jay and your families, my condolences on Diana's passing. What a brave and strong person she was to have faced this disease. And, she would have done so with your support. On Thanksgiving weekend 2019, I happened to meet Diana and Rudy at Norwood Fair. It was a brief catch up time of our lives at that time. It is a lovely memory as we tapped our toes to the country band that was playing. The best to all of you.

Elaine and Paul Crone - September 9, 2022

Very sorry to hear of Diana's death. We hope you peace and strength in all the memories you have built as a wonderful family. Sending our thoughts and love to all the family.

Paul and Joan Macklin - September 9, 2022

to Jay and entire family, We are so sorry to hear of Diana's death. Cherish all the memories you made with such a beautiful human being.

Kathy Westgate - September 9, 2022

I'll remember Diana as a kind gentle soul. Lover of long walks like myself. Chatting after yoga class about our kids and sharing moments of motherhood ups and downs. A sweet smile and always encouragement. May you be happy, may you be free and at ease Diana!

Lauren Marie Maclean - September 9, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Northumberland Land Trust

Irra & John Karmazyn - September 9, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

ALS Research at Sunnybrook Medical Centre

Michelle Wright - September 9, 2022

Rudy, Esmé, Simone, Jay & Liz, So sorry to hear of Diana's passing. She was a beautiful person and will be missed by all. Sincerely, Michelle Wright & Jorden

Cathy Rae & Pat Paszt - September 9, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

ALS Canada

Dennis & Cindy Sherwin - September 8, 2022

Jay & Elizabeth so sorry to hear about your loss

Kaye Torrie - September 8, 2022

I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Kathleen Blastorah - September 8, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

ALS Research at Sunnybrook Medical Centre

Fred and Judy Ball - September 7, 2022

Jay and Elizabeth. So sorry to here about the passing of your sister Diana. Thank you for sharing the kind words, on Diana's family, interest and time spent with her dad. Those things are very important, as you go through life. Judy's and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of Diana's family.

Dawn Watters - September 7, 2022

There is a jewel shining in the heavenly skies. It has been bright since August 31st of last week. The jewel is not a ruby, sapphire or diamond but rather a Diana. A Diana that suffered thru two years of a debilitating disease and never complained. A Diana that leaves her beloved husband, two daughters, sister, brother, nieces and nephew bereft. A Diana that was loved and cared for tenderly by her family. A Diana that was a friend to many even though her illness took her voice away. She will shine forever in the hearts of many. Love to Rudy, Esme, Simone, Liz, Jay and families.

Alice Blastorah - September 7, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

ALS Research at Sunnybrook Medical Centre

Rob Lean - September 7, 2022

I was pleasantly surprised two+ years ago when I had a phone call from Diana. She explained she was reconnecting with old friends. At first, I didn't know of her illness but, after many communications she told me about her ALS diagnosis. With Covid, Diana's reconnecting prompted me to reach out to others as well. Thank you for that, Diana. She and I had many conversations about growing up in Hamilton Township. She in Baltimore; I in Camborne; both attending CDCI West. We had many mutual friends and even some relatives. The last time I was in Cobourg area (2004), I attended a church supper at Bethesda South with my cousins Doreen and Gordon West and Diana's parents. Rest in peace, Diana. You faced your illness with grace and dignity. What an inspiration! Rob in Canmore, Alberta.

Gordon Jibb - September 7, 2022

We have known Diana all our life and shared Baltimore Church time with her and her family over many decades. She is just a beautiful person all through. We were saddened when Jay told us a few years ago of her illness. Condolences to all. Marg & Gord Jibb

Joyce Pollard - September 7, 2022

I am so shocked to hear of Diana’s passing. I had no idea of her illness. But we did lose touch many years ago. My mind goes back to our school days in Baltimore. My father worked for Diana’s father for many years. I spent many play dates at the beautiful Sherwin home with Diana, Liz and Jay. To Liz and Jay as well as Diana’s husband and children my heart goes out to you. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful soul.

Anne and Paul Burnham - September 6, 2022

Dear Jay, Jane, Irra, Elizabeth and family, We are very sorry to learn of your loss of Diana and we send our deepest sympathy. What a great tribute you have written to honour her life. We wish your family all the best. Anne and Paul Burnham

Marian Davidson - September 6, 2022

Jay, Elizabeth, and families. I send my condolences to all. You have paid great tribute to Diana through your beautifully written memorial message. She will be long remembered, I feel sure. Marian Davidson.

Wayne Crossen - September 6, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Rotary Foundation

Wayne Crossen - September 6, 2022

Rudy, Esme, Simone, Liz, Jay and families, We are so sorry to learn of Diana’s passing. Growing up in Baltimore, skating in the old Baltimore arena, attending public school, high school and church together made us long term friends. While our lives drifted in different directions, it was so nice renew our friendship in recent years and to meet in both Toronto and Baltimore. She was a very special person and will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to know her. We send our condolences to all her family and friends. Marion and Wayne Crossen Langley, B.C.

Doug Mann - September 6, 2022

Rudy,Elizabeth, Jay and Families : Condolences on Diana' s passing, ALS is so devastating - I am sure it was very difficult for Diana and all of you. Doug

Lynda Gardner - September 6, 2022

Sorry for your loss she was always very friendly at church when she visited us

Daniel Emond - September 6, 2022

My sincere condolences to Diana's family. The memories have been flooding in these past days. I loved Diana and will miss her very much. She was a special person.

Karen and Michael Parker - September 6, 2022

Rudy, Esme, Simone, Liz, Jay and families; We are deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Diana’s passing. ( we hadn’t known she was ill). Our friendship goes back many years to Baltimore days, when Marion introduced us to each other. She was just so lovely, and had such a great sense of style! She even, (reluctantly) shared her dress maker to me! May her spirit soar. She will be terribly missed by all of you.

Rob and Lorraine Harnden - September 6, 2022

Our sincere condolences to Jay and Elizabeth and families on the loss of your sister. Our prayers go to Diane’s husband and girls.