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Nicola Mary Groves - Bishop

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Nicola Mary Groves - Bishop

June 19, 1958 - July 26, 2022

Nicola was the 3rd of 6 children whose parents were Norah and Bernard Groves who had come to Canada from the UK. She was born in Weston Ontario. She is survived by all of her siblings Francesca, Christopher (Elke), Timothy (Margaret), Alison (Vinnie) and Joseph (Lisa).
She spent much of her youth in Scarborough, ON and remained close with many friends from those early days throughout her life. Nicola (Nick) was an excellent friend. Fun, adventurous and yet very much laid back, always ready to support her friends whenever and however.
She had many Nephews and Nieces, also great nephews and nieces who when they were young knew her as Auntie Mlum Mlum, as she always had great treats to offer them from her days as a teenage cashier at Laura Secord.
Nicola spent some years working for the Children’s Aid in Toronto and was passionate and giving to the role and always had both dramatic and heartbreaking stories to share, often with the ability to find the humour in nearly every situation. Nick was really funny. She had a sharp wit and it was always challenging to keep her entertained as she was often the most funny in a social setting even though she would often let others take the limelight.
Wanting a new adventure and a change of scenery Nicola and some friends packed up a car and moved to LA. Determined to make it work in California she cycled through many living situations and career choices. Nick could excel in any environment. She worked in Corporate retail, airlines and many other careers, not so much focused on the jobs, but more just for the ability to stay in the Californian lifestyle which she did for 11 years!
While still in Venice Beach Nicola had the first of the two most important events of her life, her son Michael Bishop (Marley). This forever changed Nicola’s priorities and focus to provide. From that day til her last, she strived to give love, stability and support for her son.
While Michael was still young she moved back to Toronto, back to friends and family that would now again be close forever.
Nicola then had her second child Blaze (Jace). Nicola could not be more proud of the achievements of both Michael and Blaze, Michael in building a career and Blaze in pursuit of the highest of academics.
Both children, now adults, who work hard to achieve their own goals and dreams.
Nicola moved back into Scarborough and progressed in her life and career working for years in the financial industry, where she helped many young professionals obtain credentials and careers goals of their own, to becoming the Chief Operating Officer of a brokerage firm and lastly spent years running her own Recruitment firm, again with a skill and passion for helping others reach their dreams.
When Mike and Blaze had moved on from their family home to careers and schools, Nicola decided to move to Cobourg, Ontario. A quiet little town where she had a great view and a wonderful life balance. A place where her many friends would join her to share days and nights with laughs and great times together. In addition, to the space where she could wail on her drum kit, a love she had started since her days in the drum core where she made life long friends, but her most prized days in Cobourg were when her children would visit for a weekend and she could once again spend her time as a family together.
She passed away in her home embraced by her children, her extended family and her dedicated friends, all who learned from her what a true loving, happy spirit of life she was.
Her children have decided that they will bring her to Greece, the location of some of most fond memories and great stories to have her rest in the shade, and have her children, family and friends build inspired memories of their own in her honour. It’ll have to be a laughter filled, musical party to meet her high standard for embracing the most from life!
Nicola had many charities that she supported, from children’s needs to music camps.
In her honour please donate to a well deserving organization in lieu of flowers.

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Dianne Campbell - August 21, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

SickKids Foundation

Dianne Campbell - August 21, 2022

My sadness is eclipsed only by my disbelief that I will no longer see our lovely neighbour Nicki. I still see her in her pyjamas on the veranda in the early hours every morning, summer and winter, drinking her coffee. I will miss waving hello or joining her as I drink my tea during my daily garden walk when I’m in Cobourg. To her children, family and friends, my heartfelt condolences. She left you too soon. ❤️

Darlene (Sciore) Boehmer - August 9, 2022

I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of Nick. I will always remember her from our crazy days in drum corp

Allison Fleury - August 8, 2022

Alison I am so sorry for your loss! I remember Nicki well from the many sleepovers at your house.

John Traczuk - August 8, 2022

So heartbreaking to hear. Nicola was my first love. We met at college and spent 7 years sharing life together. Many memories I will cherish forever. My heartfelt condolences go to all family members and friends on the passing Nicola. John Traczuk

Renata Love - August 3, 2022

Sending much Love and condolences to my dear friend Francesca, and the Groves family. May your sister’s memory always comfort you and remind you of all the learnings ans experiences you all shared with her 🙏❤️

James and Nancy Coyle - August 3, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

SickKids Foundation

Michelle Staude - August 3, 2022

Our deepest condolences to Nick’s friends and family who have lost a true treasure. May the wonderful memories you shared with her ease the sorrow of her passing. I’m sorry we can’t be there for the celebration but we will certainly keep her and all of you in our thoughts.

Kathy Newbery - August 2, 2022 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Canadian Food for Children

Kathy Newbery nee Groves - August 2, 2022

Heartfelt condolences from all the family in UK. We remember our visit to Canada sitting with Nick in her garden. We were delighted when a Raccoon visited over the fence! We had never seen one before! We remember Her great sense of fun. Rest in Peace Nick.

James and Nancy Coyle - August 1, 2022

We are very sorry for the loss of a kind and caring neighbour. We send our condolences to Nicola's family and friends, especially her kids who were so special to her. We will really miss our chats with Nicola and the best ever poppyseed lemon loaf that she made for the neighbours at Christmas. Peace and Prayers to her many and much loved family and friends. Rest in Peace, Nicola. ❤️

Daniel Bishop - August 1, 2022

My condolences.

Alison Groves - July 31, 2022

My sister was the cool, calm sibling. She was smart, witty and fun loving. Nick adored her children and would do anything for them. I see her dancing, playing the drums, hugging her children or sitting by the campfire. I’m going to miss her so very much. My heart is broken. Love ya’. Til we meet again.

jason dearborn - July 31, 2022

Sorry for the loss of this lovely person.

Joe Groves - July 30, 2022

Miss my funny sister! Turns out we were a lot closer than I even realized! Love from Groves Vancouver.

LAURA BULMER - July 30, 2022

Another piece of my heart broke on July 26 when Nick crossed over. What gave me and continues to give me solace is knowing that her end of life journey went according to her wishes. Her siblings, children..their partners and many of her friends rallied to support Nick and each other in her final days. A beautiful ending to a beautiful.. but too short life. So long sweet a seat for me by the campfire where the live band is day I will see..hug... and laugh with you again... Laura B