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Samuel 'Stanley' Barry Feldman

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Samuel 'Stanley' Barry Feldman

January 4, 1944 - July 15, 2021

Samuel Stanley Barry Feldman, 77, of Cobourg Ontario, passed away peacefully at his home on Thursday July 15, 2021, surrounded by his three adoring children. Artist, author, historian and consummate adventurer, Stanley lived a full and robust life, enriched with travel, culture and the arts. Shortly before losing the love of his life in 2017, he was diagnosed with cancer, to which he eventually succumbed. Stanley is survived by his loving children, Liat Renée Feldman, Rafael Feldman (Consuelo Costin) and Yan Feldman (Danielle Stratton) as well as his brother, David Feldman. He was also a loving stepfather to Jason Gibson (Amberlee Anthony) and Cameron Gibson (Marketa Gibson), as well as grandfather to Jessica and Joshua Gibson.

Born with a wildly adventurous spirit in Dublin, Ireland on January 4, 1944 to Hymie and Renée Feldman, descendants of Jewish immigrants, Stanley was enthusiastic about the world and its many wonders from a very young age. Throughout his youth, he displayed great promise as a champion tennis player, but more importantly, as an inspired visual artist and painter. Throughout the 1960s, after graduating Trinity College with master’s degrees in Fine Arts and History, he embarked on numerous journeys to faraway places such as Kathmandu, Turkey and Afghanistan, to name a few. Many of these exotic locales were depicted in his early paintings and photographs. During his travels, he met and married his first wife in Israel. Together they returned to Dublin and started a family, where Stanley pursued his career in architectural and interior design, later designing the first Peter Marks hair salon on Grafton Street in Dublin.

In 1977, Stanley moved his family to Canada in search of opportunity. They settled in the Beaches area of Toronto, where they could be close to the water and Stanley could indulge his passion for sailing. Despite having almost no contacts or network in Canada, Stanley managed to carve out a successful real estate career, built almost entirely upon his unparalleled work ethic and high level of integrity in business. Though he experienced huge success in the Toronto real estate market over the ensuing decades, Stanley never forgot his creative roots. He remained a great patron of the arts and often enjoyed taking his children to performances at the Toronto Symphony, the National Ballet and the Canadian Opera Company. In the 1990s he enjoyed an artistic reawakening, returning to his paint brushes and canvas after more than twenty years. He soon won the respect and admiration of the art community with many of his works exhibited and sold in some of Toronto’s finest and trendiest restaurants, as well as adorning the walls of some of the city’s most prestigious institutions. Today, Stanley’s work can be found in private collections throughout Canada, the US and the rest of the world.

Through his circle of art world friends and gallery contacts, Stanley was introduced to Anne Gibson, and thus started a love story that would span nearly 30 years. They shared a passion for art, international travel and antiques, and they collaborated effortlessly to create a series of beautiful, elegant and comfortable homes and cottages together, in and outside of Toronto and then later in Cobourg, Ontario.

While their retirement plans may have been hampered by Anne’s cancer, she and Stanley managed to build a wonderful new life together in Cobourg and curated a tight-knit group of some of the most fabulous friends and neighbours anyone could ask for. Shortly before Anne’s passing in 2017, Stanley was struck down by his own illness and ultimately diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable form of cancer. Bravely he fought his way back from the brink, determined to fulfil some of the worldly pursuits he and his beloved had hoped to enjoy together. Against all odds, he made trips to extraordinary destinations like Italy, Cuba and France. He even traveled to Peru, where he successfully checked ‘climb Machu Picchu’ off their bucket list. All the while Stanley knew his time was short and he made great efforts to spend what time he had left sharing significant moments and memories with his children, stepsons and grandchildren. He enjoyed spending sunny mornings in the garden and afternoons toiling away on crossword puzzles with classical music playing faintly in the background. Whatever strength he could muster was spent dedicated in his studio, achieving some of his most accomplished works as an artist.

Stanley was a modern renaissance man, much loved by his friends and family. He was as well-known for his warm heart and thoughtful nature as he was for his razor-sharp intellect and acerbic wit. He could light up any room with his inimitable charm and boisterous personality. His knowledge of history, culture and world events made him a great conversationalist, lacing everything he said with careful thought, compassion and always a dash of that famous Feldman cynicism!

The tremendous outpour of kind words and messages from those whose lives he touched – including many who had been struck by only just a momentary encounter – is a testament to Stanley’s remarkable character. He was clearly no ordinary fellow and, for those who did know him, his wisdom, personality and humour shall endure in their hearts and minds as a lasting reminder of what it meant to have Stanley Feldman counted amongst their friends.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the friends, family and neighbours who have helped and supported Stanley through the most difficult challenges of his beautiful life. In particular his sister-in-law, Kathie Pike, who has been a truly wonderful source of aid, comfort and kindness for Stanley and his family alike, even in the face of her own personal losses. We are so grateful to the doctors, nurses and all of the kind staff at Northumberland Hills Hospital who not only treated him as a human being, but as a member of their own family.

There are no words to describe the sadness and loss we all feel at this moment, but we will always take comfort in knowing that Stanley did things his way, right until the very end. His last days were peaceful and dignified, and he was surrounded by love and tenderness as he drifted off into the horizon of one of his own stunning landscapes “To listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.” – Oscar Wilde

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a gift to Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation to commemorate Stanley Feldman with an 'Art Tile' on their memorial wall.

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Heidi Buchegger - September 11, 2021

I was so saddened today, while on the Northumberland Studio Tour, to hear of the passing of this talented, gregarious and joyful artist, whom I had only met once before two years ago, along with some of his family. I spent the next while today, reeling inside at the sad news of his passing, grappling with the brevity of life, savoring glimpses into some of his paintings and photography and wondering how ready I am to meet my Maker, Saviour, Master and Friend. May Stanley rest in peace. It was a bright and beautiful Fall day today--almost as though the Almighty were sending a huge hug from Heaven and I half way wondered too, if Stanley might be up there with Him, smiling down from on high on the occasion. A Dieu to this memorable individual. Prayers for God's comfort to each family member, friend and fan.

John & Jharna Milne - August 21, 2021

It is with heavy hearts we just dicovered the passing of our dear friend of many years. Not receiving a response to our phone or email these past few months I thought to contact Sothebys and prior to doing so did a googe search to find that he had recently passed. We met Stanley over 35 years ago as a real estate agent at one of his "open houses", his Irish roots blended my Irish roots and our mutual facination with all that life had to offer, becoming close family friends. Stanly "the Man" took care of many of our real estate deals. My wife Jharna and I shared the Bar-mitzvah of his twin sons (I too am a twin) and later admired Stanly and Annes lovely beach home that was a living cancvas, later visiting them in Colburg where he had such a wonderful retirement home and studio over flowing with all his wonderful works of art. We shared some of Annes fight with cancer and then Stanelys, as we undertook shortly after Annies passing, my wifes own struggle with cancer, that with the addition of alternte and complementary protocals were able, against all the Cancer MDs odds, beat her cancer. Stanley shared our victory while still struggling with his own affliction. What a remarkable human being, truly a Man for all Seasons. While he will be sorly missed, he left a legacy of his art work and wonderful memories, his presence will continue to be felt and reunion awaits. We come into this world with nothing and return to the Eternal Reality with only our deeds upon which we will be held accountable. I'm sure he passed with flying colours and hopeflly, later than sooner, we will meet up and reminisce about this nether world we call earth. He left a great legacy; an exemplary life well lived, touching so many friends and family, plus a remarkable artistic collection. Jharna and I had wanted to break out of our lockdown and have a visit with Stanley and find one of his painting to take home with us. We would be so thankful, that at some convient time and place, to be able to aquire one or two of his paintings to grace our home and fill it with his spirit. What a privilege to have been able to have Stanly as a close Friend. John & Jharna Milne Toronto / Calcutta m. 416-678-4741

Paul Noonan - August 21, 2021

I am so sorry for your lose. Your father must of been a wonderful father. God Bless you and your family.

Pádraig Allen - August 15, 2021

Condolences to you Liat and your siblings, and to all that new your father. Your father lived a fascinating life and achieved so much.

Edmund Ross - August 15, 2021

He was my close friend for more than 50 years . Spent many days in Dublin where he and I were born . Enjoyed his humour , shared great times playing tennis in Dublin and Toronto and many dinners and celebrations in each other’s homes . We had many long catch up conversations on the phone when he lived in Toronto and I in Dublin . My last recent conversation with him was in June this year and feel deeply sad we can no longer do this again . It’s not fair to end a relationship like this but mortal beings we all are, but if there is life after death maybe,maybe we will meet again.

Yorkshire Valley Farms - August 6, 2021 DONATION

A Memorial Donation has been made to the following charity:

Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation

Debra Debra Rothberg - August 5, 2021

What a great man and story. I see you grew from Dad's passion and adventures to be a man who captured the heart of a great woman wife and friend Consuelo. My deepest condolences. Dad was life and love. G_d gave him his chidren surrounding him at home in bed. Beautiful.

Dennis Hunkler - July 28, 2021

A shock !! No words can convey the loss that I feel with Stanley's death. We had wanted to exhibit our artwork together in Cobourg, had submitted a proposal, even, but it was not to be. Stanley will certainly be missed in my life and I am truly stunned to think that his humor and intelligence will be memories, now, rather than a step to a deeper understanding of life. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. He is sorely missed.

Val and Richard Wine - July 28, 2021

So saddened to hear of Stanley’s passing. We have known Stanley for nearly 40 years after our arrival from Ireland … probably the first person we met on arriving in Toronto. Many good memories over the years, particularly his sense of humour, passion for the arts and friendship. Whilst knowing his time was short, he never lost that spark and remained an optimist. Stanley, you are with Ann now and may you both keep smiling. Val and Richard

Rosie Tejnor - July 28, 2021

I am so saddened to read this. I had the pleasure of meeting both Anne and Stanley through insurance. What a joy it was to visit them at home and hear all their amazing stories of their travels, family and their zest for life! Stanley was such a kind man, always up for a cup of coffee and a chat-I will miss his updates via email, smile and his humour ♥️ Thankful to have known you, if even for a short while! Sympathies to the family during this difficult time.

Inga Belge - July 27, 2021

A lovely man. Lovely family too. My sincere condolences. Stanley will live on ...his spirit was strong....leaving a mark even after only a brief encounter a few years ago. A good man, no question. May he rest in peace. Inga Belge, Palisade Gardens, Cobourg.

Haim Behar - July 27, 2021

My sincerest condolences to Stanley’s family and friends. I feel fortunate to have met Stanley (and his late wife Anne), May they both Rest In Peace. Thank you for a beautiful eulogy that really put his wonderfully full life into perspective for those of us who only new bits and pieces.